Day 11: Head down

There are exercises that are not only strengthening the muscles, but are also healthy. One of this exercises, as I read, is the headstand.


It’s not only strengthening the abdominals and the balance, but on top it’s good for a better blood flow in the lungs and the intern secretion of the pineal gland, the pancreas and the pituitary gland. Sounds not so bad…what do you think?

I like to do the headstand in the morning to clear my mind and to wake up. It helps a lot.

To do the headstand just put your head on a mat or a carpet between your hands and form a shoulder wide triangle with the elbows. Than bring your knees as near as you can to your face and lift your legs slowly and extent them. Hold the position as long as it’s fine for your neck and than come slowly back to the starting position.

Important: If someone never did the headstand before, it’s better to do it for the first few times on a leaning towards a wall.

Have fun!


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