Day 14: Let the sun come in

It’s still very dark outside and the snow is falling! But there’s a way to let a bit of sun come in and at the same time turn also the circulation on: to do the sun salutation.


Surya Namaskar, how the sun salutation is called in Sanskrit, is warming, stretching and also strengthening all muscles. It consists of 12 movements, which you can easily learn:


  1. Exhale and fold your hands in front of your chest.
  2. Inhale and rise your hands over your head and bend your torso backwards without forcing.
  3. Exhale and bend forward from the hips, letting the head hang, with palms placed flat on the floor near the feet.
  4. Inhale, bring the right food back with the knee on the floor and lift your head.
  5. Suspend, bring also the other leg to the back and build a straight line within your legs and your back.
  6. Exhale, bring the knees, the chest and the forehead to the floor.
  7. Inhale, lay down flat on the floor and bend your torso beck pushing with the arms and watching up.
  8. Exhale, push your hips up and form an invert „V“ with your body. The heels should reach the floor.
  9. Inhale, bring your right food forward between the hands, knee on the floor and head up.
  10. Exhale, bring your left food forward and extend both legs. Leave the palms on the floor and bring the head to the knees.
  11. Inhale, bring the torso and the arms in a straight line up and bend the torso backwards.
  12. Exhale, bring your arms down.

Than inhale again and repeat the movements alternating the right and the left leg.

Have fun and I wish you a good waking up!


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