Day 16: Swing the fists

Today it’s all about boxing. I have to admit that I never tried it before but a lot of VIPs like Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba and also Bruce Willis love to enter the ring or hit a punchbag to stay in shape.


Of course I don’t have a ring and neither have I a punchbag and for that reason I’ll shadow-box. I get into the starting position – the fists in front of my face, the elbows close to the body and the standing leg a bit in front – and start to skip around. I guard a few punches of my imaginary opponent; I counter from below and from the side and make a few combinations. First slowly but getting faster without extending totally the arms. Otherwise it would be a problem for the joints!

However, after a few minutes my shadow opponent defeated me and I leave the imaginary ring without breath, knowing that I did something for my endurance, for my arm muscles and the coordination.

See you soon for the rematch!


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