Day 17: Rickety side position

There are a few exercises, that look very easy on the paper and at first glance, but when you are doing them, they get quite tricky soon.


Like this morning, when I started my workout for the oblique abdominals and as well as for the body tense and the balance. Supported on one elbow I brought my body in a side position on my mat, while the second arm was on the hip. Than I lifted the hip to form a straight line from head to toe and started to move the hip up and down without touching the mat.

At the beginning everything worked out fine, but after a while it started to be a bit rickety. Especially when I tried to hold the position … I rolled first on my belly and than on my back. Maybe I should have done the easier way first using the second arm as a support. Not with me! I turned around and just continued on the other side.


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