Day 18: The Jumping Jack

I can’t remember exactly when I did my first Jumping Jack – must have been with three or four years in the kindergarten. And since then it always followed me, because the Jumping Jack is one of those exercises that everyone can make and that can be done everywhere.


Just stand straight with the arms close to the body. Than jump in the straddle position, while pulling up the arms at the same time; and than back. It’s a very easy thing but you work out a lot of areas: the leg muscles, the shoulder and arms area, and the endurance. It’s also very good for the metabolism.

Mostly like to clap their hands over the head while doing the Jumping Jack, others even clap on their calf’s when the arms come down. I prefer the quite version, but of course you can give yourself applause when you finished your workout.

Well done!


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