Day 20: Don’t loose the orientation

Today I’m in Bozen with a few guys and girls from my gymnastic team for a coach assistant training, where they learn how to teach basic gymnastic skills to kids and how to secure them during difficult exercises to avoid crashes.

Among other things they trained a jumped 360° turn, which is an important part for future somersaults with twists … or how the younger once call it, back flips or front flips three sixty… Sometimes I have to ask them what they mean with all those flips and tricks.


But let’s go back to the full turn, a great exercise to train the orientation and the body tense. Stand straight with close legs and hold the arm close to the direction you want to rotate in front of you and the other one backwards. Than rotate both arms down first and up on the other side very fast. At the same time you have to jump and rotate your whole body. Try to keep your legs together. To have a soft landing you can flex a bit your knees. While you are in the air try always to remember where you are and in which direction you are moving. Freezing a point with your eyes when you start and trying to fix it again when you land helps a lot.

Attention: This exercise sounds easy, but you can have a crash-landing very fast. Therefore it’s better to try it where you have enough space and if you feel not very comfortable just start with a half turn. Make also breaks between the jumps, because otherwise you risk to get dizzy and loose the orientation!

Have fun!


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