Day 25: The candle

Who already suffered from tenseness in the back or neck, knows how irritating this is. I struggled with it last week and relaxed my trapezius muscle with the pleasant warmth of a hot-water bottle and stretched it doing the candle or how the yogis call it the sarvangasana.


I laid down -my legs closed- and straightened the arms on the sides and the palms of the hands on the mat. Than I slowly lifted the legs and the hips and pushed upwards with the support of the hands on my lower back. I hold the position while breathing very deeply.

Besides stretching the extensor muscles of the back, the trapezius, the neck muscles by doing the candle you can also train the body tense. On top of that the candle should normalise the function of the thyroid, provide a smooth skin and relax.

It helped me a lot…for my tenseness!


2 Gedanken zu „Day 25: The candle

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