Day 27: Just dangle!

Do you know what Ninjas are? This agents and contract killers from the ancient Japan were very famous in movies of the 80tie. Thanks to the actor Sho Kosugi they became well known. In movies like „Revenge of the Ninja“ and „Ninja 3: The Domination“ he showed us how to fight stylishly with a sword, to throw Shurikens and to control perfectly his own body. In ancient Japan they say that kids were selected already at their birth to become a Ninja and so they had to start training very hard at a very early stage. Amongst other things they learned how to preserve hanging on a tree thus enhancing their patience, endurance and strength in the fingers and arms. And exactly this is the exercise for today.


Search for a tree with strong branches, a bar or something else where you can hold yourself well and let not only your body but also your soul dangle. Doing this exercise will also stretch your arms, shoulders and back. That’s a very good feeling.

I wish you lots of fun dangling around!


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