Day 37: Hands up!

There is always a scene in police movies where the cop screams to the gangster „Hands up or I’ll shoot“! And it always ends with a mess. And in our school kids have to lift up one hand to signalise that they want to speak. Today we raise our hands to train the whole shoulder muscles and the triceps with the „shoulder press“.


Standing straight with straddled legs lift your arm up to the starting position: The elbows look outwards and build a right angle with the upper arm; the thumbs look to the face. Then tense your arms and pull them slowly up over the head until they are straight and then bring them back down. Normally they use barbells for this exercise, but with a lot of repetitions it works also without. If it’s not hard enough you can of course use full water bottles or milk tetrapack.

Have fun and HANDS UP!


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