Day 38: The carnival exercise

What else could there be at the carnival Thursday than dressing up?! For today’s exercise I obviously need to dress up with something sporty. While rifling through my closet I found my old singlet from my active gymnasts time and a pair of short white pants. Perfect! And for that reason today’s exercise is a classical gymnastic’s exercise: the scale.


Stand straight on both legs and lift one leg straight backwards; move the torso down and forward at the same time. The supporting leg stays always straight and the arms move outwards respectively on the left and right side. The leg in the air should – at least when we speak about competitions – be hold at an angle of 90° or more. For everyday it’s better to start slowly and to put one hand on a wall…just in case! This is a great exercise to train the balance, the body tense and the back muscles.

For this exercises it’s normal to use instinctively the „right“ foot but it’s important to try it on both sides!

Have fun!


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