Day 39: Coffee break (2)

Today it’s again time to do something good for our body during the coffee break. I’m sure that the most of you work, like me, in a building with several floors and with a lot of steps. But I’m also sure that the most of us can’t resist to use the „tempting“ elevator.


I always use the stairs, but I work on the first floor. However, in my school we have 4 floors and during today’s coffee break I run up the stairs and walked them down three times. Downwards you always have to pay attention: You can stumble down very quickly and with bad consequences! But also upwards you need to stay focused to avoid to fall on your nose.

This workout it’s great for the endurance, the legs muscles and the coordination. And if you believe in the proverb – that is apparently proven scientifically– „every step makes your life a bit longer“!


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