Day 40: Hold the balance. Upright this time!

Today I finally made it. I redeem my birthday present of the last year: A snowshoe hike, sauna and a great dinner. But one step after another. Our goal for the hike – at the end without snowshoes – is Freienbühel. A very nice place!


Arrived on top I start right away with today’s exercise for the body tense and the balance. I stand straight with both hands up. Than I lift my right leg in the air in front of me as far as I can and hold the position a few seconds. Of course the whole body must be tensed, because otherwise it’s getting a bit rickety! Than I bring the same leg on the left without moving my torso. Don’t fall! And at the end I move it to the back. Hold on a bit and then repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

To increase the difficulty you can do this exercise with eyes closed…but not near an incline of a hill or a peak. There it’s much nicer and prudent to enjoy the view!

And now, off to the Panoramasauna with a great view of the Peitlerkofel in the Hotel Rosalpina!


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