Day 46: „Building“ a bridge

If you speak about bridges in sports, you normally say „doing a bridge“. But this time I used intentionally the word building, because my bridge corresponds to a bigger construction site: It’s not yet straight and there is still a lot of work to do. So, it’s the best thing to start immediately to work on it!


I lay down on my back with bent arms – the fingertips look to the shoulders – and legs. Than push your body up until only your hands and feet are touching the mat and your back is arched. But without exaggerating…it should not hurt! Ideally the heels stay flat on the mat and the legs are closed. The bridge stretches the thighs, the belly, the chest and the shoulders and increases the strength of the forearm muscles, the triceps and the back muscles.

When you are a beginner you can put your feet on a wall, so they don’t slip away and eventually you can also call a tower crane to help you up, but of course a friend can help you as well!


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