Day 48: Jump rope

This was new to me! In the city of Woodbridge, in the US-state Virgina thre exists indeed an institute which is specialized on the topic of jump roping: The Jump Rope Institute. They redefined jump rope for the 21st century through technology, research, history, biomechanics, physiology, psychology and know-how. Not so bad, but for me it’s enough to know that jump roping increases the endurance and the coordination, activates the circulation and strengthens my legs – especially the bounce.

Day 48: Jump rope

For this exercise you only need a rope or something similar which you can swing around. Then of course you have to swing the rope very fast making small circular movements with your forearms and your wrists and the goal is to jump through the rope. I prefer doing it with closed legs trying to jump mostly with the ankles but you can also run with the rope, swing it backwards, do skipping, cross your arms in front of you or do double or even triple jumps.

Everything what’s funny is allowed, but be careful: it’s not very amusing if the rope is out of control and smashes against your ears!

Good jump.


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