Day 49: The crow

Good morning! When you start doing yoga you think quit soon that you are in a zoo: You’ll run into scorpions, see meditating frogs and admire beautiful peacocks. To be a part of this motley Yoga-world of animals and to train my arms, the abdominals, the shoulder muscles, the balance and the coordination I’ll try the crow today.


I bend my knees, and put the palms of my hands shoulder wide and flat on the matt. Then I bend the elbows a bit and place the knees on the back of my upper arms. And know the tricky part: I lean forward until my feet leave the floor and I try to keep my body in balance.

When you are falling forward you can balance it with the fingers – or at least you can try it. If you just started doing the crow it’s advisable to put a pillow in front of you, so you’ll fall down softly, because the crow should be harmonising and not end nerve-wracking with a bloody nose!


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