Day 53: Agile like a lizard

Today I try again to imitate an animal: a lizard. I’m sure you have already seen a running lizard. Their legs are bending most of the time and they hold their belly low over the ground when they are climbing agile up a wall. This will not be easy!

Day 53: Agile like a lizard

The starting position is the same like for the push-ups: This time with straddled legs to have a better balance. Then I tense my whole body and move the right arm and at the same time the left leg forwards. I make automatically a kind of a push-up-movement. Then I go on with the left arm and the right leg. Of course I try to hold the hip as low as possible. This is a very good exercise for the triceps, the chest, the shoulders, the body tense, the balance and also the abdominals and the hip muscles.

At the moment I’m fare away to be agile like a lizard, but I’m sure it’ll get better with a lot of exercise.


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