Day 55: The plough

Today and tomorrow there are elections in Italy. We need to elect our new parliament. That’s a very tough call! It’s not really clear in which direction everything is going, but hopefully in a better one. And the hope, as you know, dies last, this time is put to a hard test. And for that reason today’s exercise is the plough (Halasana).

Day 55: The plough

The starting position for the plough is the shoulder stand. Then lower both legs behind your head. When you start you can of course bend your knees. But if you can make it, you should keep your legs straight and come down until your feet touch the floor. Then extend your arms backwards, put the palms of the hands on the floor and hold the position while breathing calmly. Don’t move your head during the exercise! The Halasana stretches your neck and the back, the gluteal- and the legs muscles.

On a spiritual level the plough gives the power to introduce long-term changes and to wait patiently for the effects: Voting and hoping for the best!


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