Day 56: Arm-wrestling!

Two weeks ago in Munich I went to the Hugendubel, where I saw the Book „Fit ohne Geräte“ (You are your own gym. The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises) by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark with a few very interesting exercises like the isometric curl.

Day 56: Arm-wrestling

But before we start a quick explanation or do you already know what isometric means? Iso is the greek prefix „same“ and metric refers to the distance. As for the workout isometric means that in those exercises the length of the muscle and the angle of the joint do not change, though contraction strength may be varied. Without movement!

Back to the arm-wrestling now…of course in a different way: I’m my own opponent! I take the wrist of my left arm with my right hand and try to push the left arm down using the whole strength of my triceps, while the biceps and the forearm of my left arm try to avoid that. Then it’s time to change, because no arm should be disadvantaged.

Have fun while wrestling hard.


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