Day 58: Cycling

The days are starting to get longer and there are already some warm afternoons where it would be possible to do some MTB-tours. But before I swing myself on the saddle I’ll do a dry run to train the agility of the legs as well as the strength of the abdominals and the hip muscles.

Day57: Cycling

I take place on a mat, lean my torso on the elbows and start cycling with my legs flat over the ground. Like on a real bike! I close my eyes thinking on the last summer when I rode along the St. Francis Pilgrimage Walk from Sanctuary della Verna in Tuscany, through the whole Umbria until Poggio Bustone in the Lazio region. I cycle slow when I think on how I was climbing to the chapel of Pieve de Saddì, I go faster with the taste of the gnocchi with truffle sauce of Stroncone in my mouth and I even cycle backwards: Because it’s fun!

I wish you a lot of fun too.


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