Day 63: The Half Moon

According to the lunar calendar and thanks to a clear sky I’m looking at a beautiful half moon right now. Matching I do today’s yoga exercise named Ardha Chandrasana: Ardha means half in Sanskrit and Chandra is the moon.

Day 63: The Half Moon

To get into the position I put my hands in front of my legs and then I lift my left leg up backwards followed by the left arm witch I rotate upwards slowly. Then I watch up to the fingers of my left hand. I’ve to admit that it’s not so easy to get in the right position. This exercise improves the balance and the body tense, trains the spine and the back and on top stimulates the blood circulation – to drive away the spiritual and physical tiredness and laziness – and the ability to concentrate.

For those, that ask themselves why this exercise doesn’t look like a sickle-shaped and upright standing half moon, which we see here in Europe, I found out that the half moon in India is laying. I didn’t know that before.

Good waking up!


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