Day 65: Apple, pear, tomato or potato!

When I read articles about women bottoms I always feel like being in a fruit and vegetable section of a supermarket: There are apples, pears and also tomatoes and potatoes. The form of the bottom depends for sure on the genes, but to keep the apple crunchy you need a pointed workout. A good exercise – one of many – to train the gluteal muscles, the body tense and also the arms is the following:

Day 65: Apple, pear, tomato or potato

Start in the push-up-position and lift one leg straight up and move it up and down. Then repeat the same with the other leg. In this way you already did something good for your butt, no matter if it’s a “mango” or a “peach”: In the amazing world of fruits and vegetables everything is a question of the personal taste.


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