Day 69: With tension and fog almost to the Astjoch

Because I have to checkout at 11:00 am and the surroundings here in Lüsen are really amazing I decided to do a placid snow shoes hike irrespective of the unsettled weather to the 2195 m high Astjoch. A 100 meters under the peak i couldn’t see anything more. Everything was covered by the fog and so this time I’ll not have the oportunity to admire the wonderful view on the Dolomites, the Pfunderer Mountains and the Zillertaler Alps. So I do todays exercise to increase my body tense and the balance and go back.


I stand straight with closed legs, stretch my arms up in the air, press the heels together, tense my whole body and rise on to my tiptoes. Now I have to hold the position as long as I can. The clumpy alpine boots are not helping, but it works out anyways.

Have fun!


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