Day 71: Reverse Crunches

The young generation of Hollywood actors are not only brilliant due to their acting skills but also due to perfect bodies. This applies also to Kellan Lutz, famous for his vampire role Emmett in the Twilight-Saga and for his career as underwear model for Calvin Klein. And for that he needs especially one thing: a great sixpack. Amongst others he trains his abdominals with Reverse Crunches.

Day 71: Reverse Crunches

He lies on his back with his palms facing down and bends his hips and knees. Then he raises his hips off the floor and crunches them inward. And then he brings it back down. To get a sixpack like Kellan you have to do plenty of repetitions, but that’s not the goal here; it’s all about having fun and trying different exercises.

I wish you lots of fun!


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