Day 72: Kick it!

Kickboxing is one of the martial arts that is great to stay fit. You need to hit hard and kick even harder. To train the coordination, the balance and the leg muscles today I will try the Front-Kick.

Day 72: Kick it!

I get into the fighting position, putting my left leg (support leg) one step forward and covering my face with the fists. My eyes fix my imaginary sparing partner. I start bouncing around. Then I move the balance weight on the posterior leg, lift the front knee fast to the chest, lean back and push the bend leg fitfully forward. Thereby I curl the toes back and try to hit my opponent with the ball of the foot in his belly. I bring the leg down the same way to avoid a fatal counterattack! And then I go on with the other leg.

Have fun kicking around!


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