Day 77: Hold the tense! Part 2

On January 5th it was all about holding the tense as long as possible with shoulder high feet and leaning on the elbows. After training the body tense with different kind of exercises the last two months I will invite you to the challenge: Hold the tense! Part 2; and of course it will be a bit harder this time.

Day 77: Hold the tense! Part 2

I lay down straight on my belly – choose a ground that is not too slippery: a mat or a carpet – and put the palms of my hands a bit in front of me and lean on my elbows. Then I put my tiptoes on the floor, stretch my elbows and try to build a very flat arch. Now I must hold the position. That’s not so easy!

I’m very curious to know how long you managed to hold it. I landed on my belly after 1 minute and 12 seconds.

Good hold!


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