Day 82: The Bow

Today’s afternoon is dedicated to relax: Swimming a few laps, sweating in the sauna, floating in the brine pool and concluding with something delicious of the “Naturkuchl” (the nature kitchen) of the Lüsnerhof in Lüsen. But first I will do something good for the flexibility of my spine, the hip- and shoulder joints, and at the same time activate the flow of the vital forces with the Dhanurasana, the bow.


I lay down straight on my belly with the arms along my body. Then I bend my knees, embrace the ankles with my hands, take a deep breath and lift my head, torso and legs up. My eyes look up while I bring my weight on the belly. I try to hold the position and also the breath and go back down with my next breathing out.

And now it’s time to relax!


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