Day 85: The intrinsic values

Everybody should have well trained abdominals! But I don’t talk about a visible six pack, which is beautiful for some people, for others it’s a continuous battle, because they want to have it and still others don’t care. And that’s good as it is! I speak about intrinsic values, because the abdominals are very important for different functions of the body: They protect the viscera und are responsible for a lot of movements. That applies also for the exterior and interior oblique abdominals, which we train today: Without them we would not be able to bend forward smoothly or to rotate laterally and they also play a main role for the body tense.

Day 85: The intrinsic values

Let’s go! I lay on my back and bend my knees laterally to the right. I cross my hands over my chest and lift my head and shoulders slightly up and then back down. After a few repetitions I rotate my legs on the other side and go on.

Good workout!


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