Day 86: The inchworm

Today I read a bit about inchworms and their way to move on: they move on jerkily, arching their body up first and than lowering it back down. And exactly in this way I will increase the strength of my arms- and leg muscles and also stretching a bit.

Day 86: The inchworm

I stand up straight and bend my torso downwards until the palms of my hands touch the floor: The arching position of the inchworm. Then I slowly move my hands forward, until I’m in the push-up position. The lowering….done! Now the hardest part: The arching. Without bending the knees, I move my feet to my hands. One step done!

And now it’s important to “worm-on” a lot, because that’s the only way that sooner or later the inchworm will turn into a butterfly.


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