Day 108: The Pyramid

Do you, too, sometimes dream of holidays in foreign countries? Today I was thinking of the pyramids in Egypt, which I know only from pictures so far and I’m sure they are worth a visit. Today’s matching yoga-pose is of course called “the pyramid”.


I stand straight with straddled legs and rotate the left leg 90° outwards and the right one slightly inwards. Then I rotate also my hip 90° to the left. The legs are stretched. Now to the arm position, which is kind of tricky. I move my arms backwards and fold them behind my back. The finger tips look upwards. Then I lower my torso slowly. I hold the position, before I lift the torso back up and release the hands. Then I turn to the other side. With the Parsvottanasana I strength my spine, the feet-, legs- and hip muscles, the abdominals and stretch the hips, the gluteal muscles and the backside of the legs and activate also the circulation. On top it gives a feeling of lightness and freedom: Like in holidays.

Have fun!


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