Day 166: Triple Jump

The triple jump is for sure one of the disciplines of athletics that fascinate me a lot. First the athletes run very fast, followed by tree extremely long and elegant jumps, and at the end comes the longest jump into the sand. And exactly those tree jumps in the middle are today’s exercise to increase the strength of the legs, the bounce and the coordination.


I run up, jump off with one leg and start making as many long jumps forward as possible. Thereby the front leg is bended and the back leg is straight.

Have fun!


Ein Gedanke zu „Day 166: Triple Jump

  1. 365daysfitblog Autor

    A triple jumper wrote me, that’s better to practice the triple jump on a meadow or on tartan, because we charge the knees with about the septuplicate of our bodyweight and for that reason the asphalt is not the appropriate ground for it. Thank you very much for the tip „flyingsquirrel-ontherun“!


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