Day 181: The Sumo squat

A Sumo fight has a lot of rituals. When a Yokozuna enters the Dohyo – the ring – he tries to get the attention of the gods by clapping his hands and with stomping his feet he symbolically frees the ring from evil spirits. And exactly this stomping – of course in a simplified version – is a great way to train the thighs and the gluteal muscles.


I stand straight with nearly closed legs. I lift the left leg sideways as high as possible up by lowering my torso to the right and then I stomp on the floor with the left leg and go down in a deep squat with wide straddled legs thereby. The tiptoes point slightly outwards. Then I leave the squat moving my right leg to the left one and repeat the stomping with the right leg. I go on alternating the legs.

Have fun!


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