Day 217: Virgin flares (preliminary practice)

The names of break-dance exercises are always very “cool”, like e.g. the name of today’s exercise: Virgin flares. For this exercise the dancer has to support the body on his hands and make big circle starting from the hips with his straight legs in the air moving his own weight from one hand to the other. However, today I start doing some preliminary practice for this difficult exercise, to increase the supporting strength and the coordination.


I start in the push up position and imagine that my feet are the short hand of a clock and are placed at 6:00. Then I move with my feet with short steps clockwise without lowering my hips. Until my feet reached 9:00 my hips made a quarter turn. To move on I have to lift my left hand, make a few steps one handed and place my hand back on the same position. Until I reached 12:00 I made another quarter rotation with my hips and I am now in backward push up position. Then I go on with a further quarter rotation in the opposite direction until 3:00 where I have to lift my right arm to let my feet pass by. After putting my hand back down I make the last quarter rotation with my hips and I am back to the starting position.

If someone should be curious about the name “Virgin flares”, it’s called like this because in this variation of the flares the legs remain closed.

Have fun!


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