Day 289: Swinging into the handstand

Today’s exercise should be done only if you are sure that you have enough supporting strength to hold your body only with the arms and a good body tense. Otherwise it’s better for now to march up the wall with the feet into the handstand.


Because today‘s goal is not to stand free in the handstand, I stand straight with closed legs about two big steps in front of a wall. Now I extend my arms upwards near my ears – where they stay straight during the whole exercise -, followed by a big lunge, I place my fingers right in front of the wall and swing first the back leg straight up followed right away by the second one. The final position is the handstand on the wall. During the first attempts it could be that you don’t reach the top, but with a bit of exercise it works out really fast. You will see! To get back into the starting position I simply lower first one leg and then the other.

Good swinging!


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