Day 334: Reverse lunge with jump

Combining different exercises is a very good idea because thereby it’s possible to train several muscle groups at the same time and on top it’s also fun! Today I combine a reverse lunge to train the thighs and the gluteal muscles with a basic jump with a step to strengthen the coordination skills and the bounce.


I stand straight with closed legs and make a long lunge backwards with my left leg (thereby the left knee touches almost the floor and the thigh and the lower leg of the right leg are in a 90° angle). Then I pull the left leg explosively forward and then upward and jump with the right leg in the air (thereby the left leg is still bend and the right one straight). After the landing on the right foot I go instantly on with another lunge. The arms accompany the movement as when you are  running. After several repetitions I change the legs.

Have fun!


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