Day 365: Everything comes to an end!

Today is already the last day of my blog! 365 days passed by since I did the first exercise, a push-up competition, in the morning hours of the night of last New Year’s Eve. Therefore I will end my blog also with a push-up variation to train the triceps, the shoulders, the coordination and the body tense.


I place two thick books one upon the other in front of me on the floor and place in the classic push up position the right hand on them and the left one on the floor. Now I lower my body, push back up explosively, jump in the air with both hands and place the left hand on the books and the right one on the floor. I go on alternately.

So, that were 365 exercises. I hope that you had fun and you will keep training with a big selection of different exercises for the daily workout.

I wish you a great New Year’s Eve and a fit and happy New Year!


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