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Day 365: Everything comes to an end!

Today is already the last day of my blog! 365 days passed by since I did the first exercise, a push-up competition, in the morning hours of the night of last New Year’s Eve. Therefore I will end my blog also with a push-up variation to train the triceps, the shoulders, the coordination and the body tense.




Day 364: Ninja-Burpees

Today’s Burpee variation is a tough challenge and I have to admit that I was only able to do four of them. But they are for sure an excellent workout for the coordination, the bounce and the legs.



Day 362: The albatross

To stretch my back muscles, the spine, the shoulders and the neck today I kneel on a mat and place my hands behind my head. Now I press the elbows together in front of my head and roll my torso forward. I hold the position a few deep breaths and straight my torso back up. Afterwards I press the elbows backwards and the scapulas together. I hold this position again shortly and repeat the exercise.


Good stretching!

Day 360: Squat in a circle!

To train my thighs, the bounce and also the coordination today I stand straight with straddled legs. Now I swing my arms forward, do a deep squat keeping my torso straight (thereby the knees should stay over the feet), swing with the arms backwards while I extend my legs back up explosively, jump off with a quarter turn and do the next squat. In every circle I do 4 squats.


Have fun!

Day 359: The shoulder turn

To train my shoulder joints and muscles today I stand straight with slightly straddled legs, extend my arms laterally and my thumbs point downwards. Now I start rotating my thumbs slowly upwards and afterwards backwards as much as possible. I hold the position shortly and rotate them back forward.


Merry Christmas!