Day 1. A few push-ups for a good start in the New Year

During the New Years Eve it’s possible to do a lot of funny things. For the launch of my blog I persuaded friends of mine to do a push-up competition right after midnight. Of course it’s not about winning, but to laugh and have fun together.

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Apart the fun, push-ups are one of the best exercises to make without equipment. According to the historian Horodotus, already in the 5th century BC the youth worked out their chest-, arm- and shoulder muscles for military proposes with push-ups. Due to the strong body tense it’s also good for the back muscles and the abdominals.

Important for this exercise is the straight line of the body and that you go down with your body until the upper arms are in line with your torso.

But now back to the New Years Eve! I made 47 push-ups. And you?

Happy New Year.


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